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donderdag 30 juni 2011

New layout

I just create a new layout, because i hate the old one ;o

Rihanna S&M

Hi everyone!
I create some pictures from Rihanna S&M with the sims 3.
just need to finish it, but, here some pictures


Rihanna, I luuve you <3

dinsdag 21 juni 2011

Sims 3 *new* bikini ~~~

I was thinking, should I create something new? And....
This is what was coming out!
( again sorry voor my bad english -,-)
Very sorry^
But forget that, this is my new outfit!

For me, this is my best creations ever!
omg, now, I think I know what I create next, =3
But... for I forget (just me, forget things xD) (I need to stop doing like that --")



Click there please
And leave a comment.
(i need to stop with that too)

woensdag 15 juni 2011

I quit? Or stay?

I think that I quit with this blog.. Because nobody likes my creations ;s *sad face*

Mabey I don't quit. I'm gonna try to create new cc for the sims 3 *smilesmile*
Ofcourse I start with paintings & shirts c:
That's really easy *stupid smile*

Hugss for you al sweeties! (soo. hugs for people who like my creations)
*sweet smile*