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zondag 20 februari 2011

New, Sims 2, Aylée Rentre *download here!*

Hi everyone! I have made Aylee downloadable ^ _ ^
If all goes well, all accompanied by CC.
Leave something behind!

Download her here! 

donderdag 10 februari 2011

New, Sims 2, Aylée Rentre

Hi everyone!
To begin;
Sorry if my english is not quite right!
I've recently been busy again with the body shop of the Sims 2, this time I created a sim named Aylee Rentre.
Aylee is about 16 years old, she loves adventure and prefer to go with the boys than the girls (it seems to them quite a lot on me: p).
If all goes well, all Custom Content (also called CC) included. The hair, I did not get paid ... Oh well, I guess that does not matter, it comes naturally to Aylee!
Some pictures:

I'll upload it as soon as possible!
Love you all :)

zondag 6 februari 2011

I'm still living!

Oo .... I now see just how long it's been since I've uploaded something! Sorry about that!
I have since also the Sims 2 on a new computer! I am very happy and I started working on some things. I have a dress with it. This, I think I'll upload soon.
Here's some screens, it's one recolor:

I hope he finds favor! I think I'm doing two weeks ... That's not really short, especially since I only have made the texture. The mesh I had already
I do not know if I will put mesh in the file. I think I already link to it. The mesh is from MTS2.

Binnenkort meer foto's. Heb je trouwens nog een leuke kleur die je in het jurkje wil zien ( Bijvoorbeeld; groen met roze ) dan kan je het gewoon zeggen. Ik maak het met plezier ^-^