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maandag 5 september 2011

Little story; Part 1

"But Dad", said Arabella. "I said no, you will never marry him, the dirty miner", shouted her father. Tears welled up in Arabella's eyes. "Daddy .." she began. "No! Get out, I do not want to see", he shouted. Arabella glanced at her mother, but sadly stared ahead. "Fine!", She cried, and ran to her room.

Arabella sank sobbing on her bed, "Why? Why can't I not marry you my love. You're everything, all I want .."
Downstairs she could hear her father's rage against the helpers. Slowly she let her hand across her stomach sliding, "Daddy, you make me more difficult. I don't want to marry the rich neighbor, I want to marry him, not with such creep!", she whispered.

Slowly she rolled onto her side and made himself small, the tears flowed down her cheeks. Why was she forced to marry someone who she did not like?
"I want you, Steve, no one else", said she softly.

 Slowly she put her hand on the back of her head, feeling clammy.
She heard her stomach rumble, and put her other hand on her belly. "Life is hard", she said slowly.


This is part 1. Hope you all like it :)

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