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maandag 5 september 2011

Little story; Part 2

"Steve", whispered Arabella. "Ohh, honey, I ... I ... I want you now", Arabella sighed.
"Arabella?", came suddenly a sugary voice, Arabella shot up and her head popped into her window. "Steve?", she called out asking. "I am", said Steves voice. "Can you help me to come in?"
Arabella smiled, walked to her window and pulled Steve quickly inside.

Steve fell on Arabella and gave Arabella a blush. "I'm happy that you're here", said Arabella, smiling. Steve stroked her cheek, "i love you", he said very softly, and bowed his head. Their lips touched gently. There walked a few tears over Arabella's face. 

Later, just as Arabella her head gently on Steve's chest. "Steve ..", she began sobbing. "I .... I ... I'm afraid ..", she made it.
"What?", Steve's voice sounded calm and calmed Arabella. "My father, Arabella took a deep breath.
"He's not gonna choise who your love, I mean, we love each other and he can't change anything about that", he said. Arabella nodded absently. "Yes ... Yes dear "


This is part 2. Hope you all like it :)

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